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Sugar Flowers March 23, 2010

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For the past two days, my husband Z and I have been walking around looking like we could conquer the world.

Me, because I’m about to finish a 5-week course in sugar flowers, which has taught me to make – among other things – the pretty posy above. Now, when I look at all the wedding cake cuttings I’ve amassed, I go “I can do that, that, and that.” As for Z, he just bought a new camera lens which has enabled him to take the photo above. “Should’ve bought it a looong time ago,” he said.

I don’t know who is more smug: Me, who is having serious illusions of grandeur about becoming a wedding cake maker, or Z, who cannot wait to take photos for my business website. When everyone clicks on the opening page and is greeted by his photo, he says, they will freeze in awe, collapse in delirium, and exhibit other such worshipful reactions.

We’ll see about that. In the meantime, I wanna show off what else I made.

A carnation…

A daisy…

But I’m proudest of my posy, which I think bears revisiting…

In fact, I believe a close-up is in order…

Alright, enough gloating. Back to the laundry.


34 Responses to “Sugar Flowers”

  1. ms Says:

    wonderful photos, Z! those dof and bokeh are to die for. what lens did you get?
    (dear tpl: yes, your flowers are lovely of cos, but you know, sometimes we have to make our friends’ husbands like us too)

  2. Kat Says:

    aw so purrrrrty… me like em muchly… good enough to smell… hee
    Hey Z, thanks for da fabulicious photography with out your mastery of it we would never be able to truly appreciate the beauty of all TPL’s splendiferous creations…

    for all super duper things woohoo..


  3. daphnechan00 Says:

    aww it is so pretty! Keep up the good work! babe!
    Z: I’ve not got my dslr yet! I need to get one soon! nice pics !

  4. kahling Says:

    Hi, Can I know where can I take classes to learn how to make those sugar flowers? rest assured I have no plans to become a wedding cake maestro, especially after looking at your posy. But some of my cakes can do with a wee bit more decor. thanks

    • crummb Says:

      hello! Bake-It-Yourself near Newton Circus. the 5-day course (spread across 5 weeks) cost about $650. you even get a diploma at the end of it, certified by PME, a well-known school-cum-tool-brand in the UK.

  5. shan Says:

    heyyyyyy wow i really like the posy.. simply breathtaking!!!

  6. joanne Says:

    So cute! Second the question about where to get the lessons. 🙂

  7. Insomniac Says:

    Those are really lovely! It’s a good thing my little one was more keen to eat the flowers I made than to look at them, cos they look nothing like this. Well done!

  8. Trish Says:

    those are stunning!!! Consider doing wedding flower center pieces made of sugar paste? hehe

    • crummb Says:

      erm, it’s too much hard work! some of the details that go into the flowers are unbelievable. i nearly broke my back making those white sakuras (16 of them) for this posy… hee.

  9. I want to get married again just to have those flowers on my wedding cake!

  10. Z Says:

    Thanks for the comments on the photos…i think it’s the lens not the photog 🙂

    yup, it’s a 85 1.8. cheap and cheerful.

    Go get yourself as dslr girl! you’ll need it to capture your london days 🙂 the canon 550d now comes with awesome video function too!

    Thanks! Her cakes actually taste so much better than the photos can ever do justice to…and im not saying this becos she’s got a rolling pin to my head..

    • Kat Says:

      Z – i believe you.. i get hungry looking at them.. nothing that mouthwateringly good looking could taste bad… besides da little children have spoken.. that seals the deal for me…

      one day i will taste those cakes… havent had my honeymoon yet.. hmm singapore sounds good… hee…

    • ms Says:

      oooh i heard that is a mean lens – but you probably have to shoot from your living room if the cake is in the kitchen? haha…. i just got the canon 50/1.4. love it to bits!

  11. Kat Says:

    and while i’m at it… i just want to say again.. the sugar paste flowers look magnificent.. the roses are wow.. i mean they look like the real thing.. the carnation too.. and they are all so beautiful…

    and z.. you so humble…

  12. A Says:

    I came across your blog one fine day and I have read all your old entries so far. I just wanted to say that when I get married, I would love for you to create my wedding cake (and I am only 20, so thats a long wait more..)

    luv reading the stories about you and your husband too, makes me laugh!

    • crummb Says:

      thank you! i shall wait patiently for the day to come! would love to make your wedding cake, whenever it shall be 🙂

  13. vivian Says:

    e flowers r just to pretty to be eaten! great photos Z!

  14. Ah Pei Says:

    WOO !! i thought i’m on martha stewart page or some professional pages when i see the 1st pic !! You are so talented ! And when you finally get to do your wedding cake business, you will definitely be on top of my recommendation list !

  15. faridah Says:

    hey….you are so talented, your hand skill is so good. excellent keep it up! I can’t do that on my cake as yet. sigh!!!

  16. fatmum Says:

    Hi Hi chance upon your blog 🙂 . The flowers are really nice. Need lots of patience to mould it. Have linked you to my blog hope you don;t mind. And yap I enjoy reading it.

  17. WOW. your workmanship is exquisite. superb.
    the photos are great too! love the way u blur the background.

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