When a food critic turns the poison pen on herself

The Worst TV Host On Earth September 9, 2009

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When I watch TV these days, I am confronted with a slew of urgent, sobering questions: ‘When will the economy pick up?’, ‘Why so many natural disasters?’, ‘Can climate change be stopped?’.

But perhaps the most disturbing of all, ‘Why the heck is Bobby Chinn hosting a TV show?’

Every time I see his trailer on Discovery Channel, I ask myself: What have we, the TV viewers in Asia, done to deserve such a narcissistic, uncharismatic, and thoroughly insufferable brat thrust upon our consciousness?

Nigella Lawson shows you how you can eat a horse and still be drop-dead gorgeous. Jamie Oliver makes you want to cook. Ian Wright makes you laugh. Anthony Bourdain shows you how to travel the world with a deadpan swagger.

But Bobby Chinn? The only qualification he brings to the lifestyle TV landscape is that he has a pulse and a full head of hair. (I can’t even bear to put his face on my blog, therefore the above picture).

First of all, as a clear case of ill judgment by Discovery Channel, it has decided to put its name behind a show that has zero culinary or entertainment value. In Chinn’s first series, World Cafe Asia, he goes around Asia in search of street food. But do we really want to watch yet another angmoh demonstrate to us the wonders of food that we ourselves had grown up on? You could excuse Kylie Kwong (who cooks just about everything with gin-jah and Shaoxing wine “for depth of flay-vah and charac-tar“) for doing the same, because her faux-Chinese recipes are aimed at Western audiences who don’t know any better. But I was flabbergasted to learn that Chinn’s shows aren’t even aired in the West – they were made for Asia. To me, it’s the equivalent of going to Bologna and showing the people there how to cook spaghetti bolognaise. 

Then, there are his recipes. I’ve never been to his modern Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi, but from watching one episode of his latest series, Bobby Chinn Cooks Asia, I’m not expecting to hear angels sing if I eat his food. His recipes are neither inventive, enticing nor authentic. Methinks that he is only using the ‘fusion cuisine’ card to get away with slapping together incongruous ingredients and calling it ‘new’.

Still, it is not all grave that his show has poor content and that he is a terrible cook. What’s really unpardonable is that Chinn just seems so obnoxious as a person. In an old episode shot in a Thai wet market, he points to an old plastic container used at a fish stall then says to the fish-seller (who obviously didn’t understand English and was defenceless): “You know we use that for toilets in the States?” In a more recent episode shot in India, he is standing by a chef who was cooking a popular dish. As she poured some oil into the wok, he asks a question that could spark an international incident: “Why do you guys use so much oil?”

Somebody burn his effigy in front of a US embassy already!

In my previous incarnation as a newspaper writer, I interviewed some of the best food/travel hosts on Discovery and found that they all had one thing in common: They have a solid, unwavering respect for people from different cultures and walks of life.

I once made the mistake of asking Ian Wright if bushwomen in Africa had ever proposed to him. “Bushwomen?” he gasped, sounding quite alarmed, and continued to answer my question using a more respectable term for women from primitive cultures. Even Anthony Bourdain, with his famous bad-boy gruffness reeking from his intimidating 1.9m frame, was remarkably polite and thoughtful in person. In one episode of his show shot in Vietnam, he was so formal and genuine in his thanks to his Vietnamese hosts that he risked looking totally uncool.

So the bottom line is, if you want to be a good lifestyle TV host, you gotta love people.

Bobby Chinn doesn’t appear to love people. Instead, he stamps his condescending, unfunny frat-boy witticisms all over them as he scratches his way to celebrity chefdom. 

He just wants to be famous. And I just want to punch his face in.


77 Responses to “The Worst TV Host On Earth”

  1. ms Says:

    i can’t stand his voice. i am glad i no longer have cable tv, so i don’t have to be irritated by it anymore.

    • Jane Says:

      I’ve been watching a few programs of Bobby Chin lately. While I enjoy most other travel and living shows, Bobby Chin’s shows are offensive and insensitive. He doesn’t respect the local customs, and verbally mocks the local chefs/hosts. In particular, in a recent show about Shanghai, he’s not respectful during a tea ceremony, attempting to flirt with the tea-hostess; he couldn’t communicate with a Butan lady-chef and when she made a sound, gesturing him to try, he mimicked her sound in a mocking way; he also ran away with a pancake cart from the street – the pancake chef looked confused – she was obviously not told about what was going to happen. He ‘force-fed’ his own self-made pancakes, using the cart he ‘stole’, to some locals who were practicing tai-chi (one piece was so big it nearly fell out of a woman’s mouth). I dislike him using his cam-cord recording lives of people, sometimes clearly against their wishes. He also asked if he could put caviar on top some some Chinese hairy crab dish – indicating that the dish itself wasn’t good enough. Who does that? Would you get into people’s faces like that in places like, say, America or Europe? You would probably be told off or beaten up. He’s a lousy host and very culturally insensitive. Discovery should ban him because he’s going to affect who watches the show – I won’t in the future if I have to see his awful show.

      • Ngieen Says:

        amen. i am quite militant in my hate to him and i hate to hate. but the fuck face is coming to my living room with his abnoxious and rude behevior.

        i remember that in the Thailand episode he handed a 20BHT bill to a monk as a merit giving. when the monk handed his hand to accept it, booby drew it away like making the monk look like he is begging for the money. i was furious!!! i could not believe what i saw and how no one cut him off the Air.

        In nepal, he was cooking at this lady home, and the cook using cow dung. believe me he made all the wrong comments and expressions to degregate this poor women who invited him to her home.

        in the vietnam episode, and here he should know better, cause he is based in Hanoi, he start hugging women at the market. doesn’t the fuckker knows that you don’t touch ladys like this in public.

        i am not sure why, but bobby is only one in a series of bad presenters of discovery travel and living. happen to be the worse, this egocentric worm actually cant cook properly, and his presentations are pathetic.

        so, no culinary value, no original travel content, abusive rude and egocentric presenter and what you get? a punishment for the poor viewers.


        please release us from this malignancy.

  2. crummb Says:

    yes! if i ever give up my subscription to Travel & Living, it’ll be because of him. what an eye- and ear-sore!

  3. M Says:

    Hey TPL, am so glad to have found your blog…

    Long time no see, hope all’s well with you.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I couldn’t agree more with you about this programme. 🙂

  4. Stef Says:

    I agree with you completely..the man is a pr*t.
    sub the * with an ‘a’.

    I change channels when the man is on.
    But but but…I watch Kylie for comedic entertainment. Every bloody thing is with brown sugar, ‘chinn-khiaanggg vi-nuh-gah’ and ‘soiiii souuce’.

  5. clare Says:

    Good diss, TPL. I like how you called him “nauseating” in a previous post.

    So when are we going to see more of YOUR cakes? 🙂

    • Matt Says:

      The lame jackass is still on here in SF. The show’s called Globe Trekker and, fortunately, he isn’t the only ‘host’. I recorded an episode on Sicily and food because I’ve enjoyed many a journey through Sicily and love the varied cuisine. However, 5 minutes into the show I was forced to delete it thanks to Bobby The Boob. You’re right, he sucks donkey balls.

  6. crummb Says:

    M: M!!! singapore’s nightlife operator extraordinaire! I am honoured that you are reading my blog. Me not worthy! 🙂

    stef: notice how she always prefaces her dishes with “My version” of this, “My version” of that? means that none of them are the real thing la! haha

    clare: you won’t believe how badly i want to start baking again. but i should be moving back to my place next month. October, i will emerge!

  7. squigs Says:

    i totally agree with what you said about bchinn
    i met him when i dined at his hanoi restaurant years back and found him obnoxious and swarmy
    the food wasn’t to-die-for and the overall experience was just so-so (heck, i can’t even remembered what i ate!)
    then when he came over and in an oh-so-friendly-don’t-you-think-i’m-cute way asked how we found the food, my gf and i complimented on some dishes – think we said they looked pretty or something – but honestly told him it’s not that great, his face turned black and he stomped off angrily!
    i mean, you asked for feedback right!! duhh…

  8. Melissa Says:

    dear ms crummb,

    i am an avid follower of your blog. couldn’t agree with you more. not only would i smash his chin but i would stomp his nuts as well…lol…
    i saw you once at suntec city. i thought you were miriam yeung at first. you are such an awesome writer and you bake even better than sara lee! some people have all the luck….
    i consider you the foremost food guru in the region (if not the world). you should seriously consider a career hosting a tv programme on food. show that sissy bobby chinn how it really should be done.
    lastly and perhaps coincidentally, i’m expanding my karaoke repertoire and this is a song that i’m practising really hard for my weekly k-box session
    could be my imagination but kay huang really reminds me of you… both have the same star quality i guess. keep up the great work!

  9. daphnechan00 Says:

    he is KUALI HEAD, KUALI FACE and I think he loves himself too much that he can never do what you advised about loving others…. *roll eyes*

  10. happygrub Says:

    Can I quote more of his horrid comments:

    On drinking grass jelly at a night market:” this tastes like an old shoelace, they seem to like the taste of shoelaces around here”

    After cooking roti john at a food center, he had given the dish he cooked to a Malay shop owner to taste, she had said the taste was “not bad”, his retort? “At least I don’t use MSG like you do”

    Maybe we should petition such that they don’t air the show anymore.. the show is just PLAIN OFFENSIVE

  11. chris Says:

    ‘yet another angmoh’? he half chinese half egyptian I thought? not very ang-ang….
    but yes, I agree on all other points!
    kuali face hahahahahahahahaha.

    • Hanes Says:

      I absolutely agree with you there! Bobby chinn should totally be removed from Discovery Travel and Living. Irritating dude on my favourite TV channel!

      Anyway, glad that you’re blogging again. Keep the posts coming! Can’t wait for your new baking recipes…

    • Mike Says:

      Wow. Clearly you’re a racist.

  12. crummb Says:

    thanks everyone for agreeing with me! i feel vindicated!

    happygrub: YES! i saw that shoelace episode too! i felt like pelting my tv screen with rotten eggs! i asked Z if sending in a petition will put the shows off air, but he said no. There is no reason why they should pull him out unless he has low ratings. so bottom line is, DO NOT WATCH HIM!

    chris: angmoh what… with that smarmy american accent and i’m-too-good-for-this superiority complex, he is a true-blue chao angmoh!

  13. daphnechan00 Says:

    doesn’t work babe, unless we are all on the peoplemeter!!

  14. tellaure Says:

    yesssss!!!! so i’m not the only one who hates him.

  15. john Says:

    we must send mails to discovery and told them to stop airing this Chinn !

  16. john Says:

    this is email with person who is contakt network from discovery !
    i just sent her an mail !

  17. CC Ng Says:

    Wow, so happy to see so many people who dislike Bobby Chinn like I do! I wondered why SG government didn’t cane him when he molested another local movie star! That would be fun to watch!

  18. faithy Says:

    OMG! You echoed my sentiments exactly! LOL! I thought i was the only one who felt that way! Every time his program is on, i’ll switch channel..LOL!

  19. bour3 Says:

    That does it!

    * bookmarks Crummb *

    Brought here by web search “pear tart”

    This post and ensuing comments cracked me up. I guess I like being cracked.

    Had to look up “angmoh,” “kuali,” “pr*t.” Ha ha ha ha ha. You’re mean! I guess I like mean.

  20. crummb Says:

    john: good on you!!! any response from charmaine? i’m seriously thinking of starting a petition. haha!

    bour3: hello! welcome to my blog and the world of singaporeanisms! 🙂

  21. CC Ng Says:

    Hi there guys, I sent an e-mail directly to Charmaine and I didn’t get any response. We should join forces on Facebook together to tell the whole world what a moron Bobby Chinn is.

  22. Tan yi Says:

    Pls join us on facebook under kick bobby chinn’s ass group to express our discontents for this jerk, i cannot stand him, you cannot stand him, we cannot stand him, let’s others know why we cannot stand him too! Join us!

  23. Ngieen Says:

    Please post your comments on the discovery asia board at

    maybe they will decide to remove him.

    also send faxes to his restaurant

  24. Ngieen Says:

    Email you complains to

    Charmaine Huet
    Manager, Communications at Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

  25. I actually feel good reading this post! It’s so uplifting to know that so many people actually dislike that guy! Yes yes yes! I switch channels and swear that Travel and Living is crazy whenever his show comes on..

  26. MICHAEL Says:

    have you noticed that he is gay , but act that he is hetero because he wants to atract female fans?!

  27. Rush Bijoux Says:

    Hi….maybe i’m a little late to the party but i just want you to know that i also can’t stand this little narcisstic piece of work!! He’s so offensive and bratty and he thinks so highly of himself that he thinks he will be forgiven for saying/doing something nasty and that people will find it funny / cute.
    I don’t know, is he trying to be edgy by saying all those things? He could probably secretly really idolizes Anthony Bourdain and wishes so badly to be like him but he just doesn’t have a clue and comes off very annoying.
    BTW I don’t remember if this is the shoelaces episode but there was one scene where he ate a snack at a night market and he remarked that it tasted like shoe and asked a local sitting next to him why they liked food that tasted like shoe. I swear I wanted to snap his neck right then and there!!
    And he seems to enjoy it so much when he pulls one of his annoying acts and the ‘victim’ is left dumbfounded. What an absolute dimwitted, jock-like attitude!
    Overall, yeah I agree with most that have been said, when watching his show we just don’t feel he’s being rescpectful towards the local culture and that the show’s materials lack depth. When i watch Anthony Bourdain, my interest about the contry he’s visiting grows, whereas when i watch Bobby Chinn, I learn nothing.
    As a comparison, I remember Bourdain’s comments about Durian: “Its taste can only be described as…indescribable, something you will either love or despise. …Your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother” and also Richard Sterling: “.. its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away” but I don’t find these two comments offensive because they are honest, subjective opinions regarding a culinary experience whereas Chinn’s inexplainable constant outburst of childish bratty shenanigans such as taunting the locals and making crude remarks are just downright shallow and totally uncalled for.
    You’d think someone with his background (If what they say in all the stories about him are true) would’ve known better, but he just seems like a spoiled brat to me.

  28. Camemberu Says:

    Yes, me too! I really can’t stand Bobby Chinn! You really nailed it in your description. He is rude, disrespectful, condescending and obnoxious! I love your post!

  29. peterlum Says:

    I am so glad that I actually find somewhere where like-minded individuals can air their displeasure of Bobby Chinn. I cannot stand the man.

    He is rude, condescending, obnoxious, loud and irritating. He is highly disrespectful to other people cultures and lifestyles. How on God’s earth does he get his shows aired on TLC??? I love the other hosts of other gorgeous programs that really make you feel like tasting the dishes, enjoy the places or just enjoying the host(s) reaction and their amazement when they discover new things or tastes.

    Please can the powers that be, consider to take him off the air? I hate it when he appears on the telly, I actually change the channel whenever he is on. Please I pay for my subscription for the pay-telly, I want to enjoy my viewing time and not be irritated by the pimple of a man.

  30. Charles Says:

    Who was the female chef he was desecrating curry fish head with in Singapore?

  31. Adeline Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been saying the same thing about Bobby Chinn (to my hubby) from the first day i saw him on TV! He is a wannabe chef but nowhere near to it…still!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog and very inspiring. Will try your recipe for the Ultimate Butter Cake this weekend! Cheers.

  32. Doug E Style Says:

    Thank the gods I found this blog post! I just hate Bobby Chinn the fake angmor! I always wondered why the hell is he allowed to have his own show?? And now there’s even a second season??

    He is definitely disrespectful to the local cultures. I remember him doing the bucktooth/Charlie Chan face next to a local in one of his episodes in China. How can he be allowed to get away with that??

    And I happened to watch 3 episodes of his second season. He was preparing the same thing in all of them! Eggplant charred over open flame.. WTF?

    Just showcases his lack of talent.

  33. S Says:

    I cannot believe I only found your blog (and this post!) now! I wish I could shake your hand for this insightful post. I despise the man and when he first came on the scene, I thought, “Cripes, even my dad was a better cook” and my father’s cooking was once deemed by my grandmother as ‘not fit for human consumption’. Even worse, that the man (Chinn, not my father) is unfit for human viewing, even though I would not dare cross the RSPCA as such.

    I have witnessed his arrogance, self-delusions and total lack of respect for women, myself included. His pervy misogyny & disdain when women refuse to flirt with him on command makes me pity his mother. I have personally had to restrain myself from kicking the shite out of him many times while digging his eyes out with a blunt instrument. I wish I could bring a shred of charitable thought to mind when his existence does infringe on my consciousness but am just glad I never renewed my cable subscription.

    With the plethora of worthy foodies, cooks and chefs available in Asia, I am just amazed that he continues to get any kind of air-time. Even taxi drivers in Singapore have a better understanding of what food really is than this deliberately ignorant bigot. A friend actually gave me his cookbook for my birthday. That person is no longer a friend and that book was used to brace up a wonky shelf from Ikea.

    By the way, I have becomes addicted to the food porn on your blog and now i just live (and bake) vicariously through you.

    I feel so much better now than I have had the opportunity to vent some of my venom. Now to bake something sweet to erase the foul reflux.

    • mark Says:

      i have just saw a rerun of his Thailand episode. WTF. it was the worst tom yam in tv history. no understanding for what you put when and why. than he forced the poor captain to eat it. what a fuck face. the entrie TLC network is getting full with bad presenters catering to the lowest levels of American society. never tune to the tlc channel and you wont see the fuck face name booby chin

  34. Harry Rodgers Says:

    As offensive, rude (and unacceptable) as he is, would it be possible to phrase criticisms Bobby Chinn without the anti-western sentiment?

  35. Harry Rodgers Says:

    Oops, typos in my above comment.
    Should read:
    As offensive, rude (and unacceptable) as his behaviour might be, would it be possible to phrase criticisms regarding Bobby Chinn without the anti-western sentiment?

  36. Bobby Says:

    I have the same name of him and I am ashamed to be associated with Bobby, even by name. Just watched an episode of him in Chennai trying to force a lady at the Indian temple to wear the flower garland. He also seems to emphasize on the fact that he is different, (have you ever seen an Egyptian Chinese before?). He is ugly and has an ugly attitude to match. I am sure his show will be removed soon.

  37. Grace Says:

    I watched his show on the first time as its recently being aired on ABC in Australia. There are some bad cooking hosts on tv but he is by far the worse I have seen. He is disrespectful, obnoxious and rude! How on earth has he been allowed on air with his disgusting mannerisms? I agree that Kylie Kwong is very annoying by cooking ‘authentic chinese dishes’ for the clueless ‘ang-mohs’ but he is just a jack a$$!

  38. SouthAfrican Says:

    I see you only leave comments here of people who agree with you. Well, I like him and enjoy watching his show.

  39. Al Says:

    I think Bobby Chinn is sexy, lively and fun. I hardly think he means harm by his behaviour. He’s just being naughty. I’ve tried some of his recipes and they are divine.

  40. mark Says:

    he is the most noisy, obnoxious, full of himself rerun face on tv. he can’t really cook and when someone shows him a recipe he has a moron look on his face as if e did not really get it. but how can he ? too busy disturbing the guest with very impolite intrusions. the editing also cut off parts of his guests words. bad program. bed concept. the guy is a rude nonsense that has no long term future.

  41. xuan Says:

    this guy has no clue about cooking and he use all people !

  42. Nick Says:

    Mate in recent travel to Vietnam, I was lucky enough to go to his Saigon and Hanoi resteraunt. Both were amazing in food and in service, and I was lucky enough to meet him a night later to get a book signed. He could not have been nicer. you seem to have problems with what he is saying,what is suggest is get a tissue, wipe away ur tears and get over it. If you don’t like him don’t watch his show, problem solved

    • Karan Adik Says:

      Problem solved 👏👏. It’s not so easy man. With you he may have been polite, one off..

      But what happens when you wanna watch a good travel/cook show and this moron appears before you? Wat should you do? We’re should you go ?

  43. Maurice Says:

    Completely agree with you, he is a joke, I’m not sure if he really knows how to cook… he is nasty to his employees….is tactless, full of himself …. He is a total PR1K!!!!

  44. Dây Thun Says:

    you can tell him that he is a piece of shit and better go and lear to cook on his facebook, here:

  45. Tbag Says:

    It airs here in Australia and from what i have seen, i agree. He often seems rude & disrespectful. I saw an episode recently in which he tickles a woman sitting on a nearby stall counter. I guess we all have a different perception of being friendly, but I’m pretty certain putting your hands on a woman without invitation is a universal No-No.

  46. Rosa Says:

    A bang on article!! I used to think he’s trying to be funny but no!!!! he’s trying to degrade people everywhere. In one of the episodes he happened to meet Surya a very famous actor in south India and this Bobby Chinn had the balls to point it out to Surya ( and he’s not very tall )that ‘ oh Look at you ! I could be taller than you!’ and this is just one of many incidents .Zero talent go away Bobby, Nobody deserves to be tortured by your presence !

  47. rockafella Says:

    i agree with you, this guy is a idiot, i just watched a episode and in the break he is catching a bus and eating peanuts and decided to offer the lady next to him some, and she politely says gestures no, then this idiot starts to throw it on her lap, i would have slapped this pri#*# so hard, if he did that anywhere near me..

  48. SIMM Says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t have more Asian looking people hosting shows about Asian cuisine. This guy may be Asian but looks and talks like a westerner. He goes to Bali and gets a Swiss chef to show him Balinese cuisine. He uses the lowest form of humour by denegrating and picking fun at the locals who help make his show. He has got the most slappable face on tv. There should be a reward for the person who would slap this guy for Asia.

  49. Karan Adik Says:

    It’s 2013.

    Just saw one of his episodes in China were he pushed/threw a onlooking bystander and told him to get out of sight (with his usual timid humour).

    He”s got all concepts of entertainment wrong.!

  50. MahatmaKaneJeeves Says:

    And the band plays on…! It’s September 2013 and I only found this post googling for someone to share my profound disdain for this buffoon, Chinn.

    It is odd and unsettling that this character can perverse television for so many years (to come).

    It is, however, positive and rewarding that grievances for this jerk, can lead to finding a worthwhile blog such as this.

    So no all bad, eh!? 🙂

    • exaviore Says:

      I agree. They unfortunately aired a tv episode in europe as well, and my first thought was, what a complete a**hole, why would anybody chose him as a host. He was really horrible to local culture and was really unfunny and full of himself. Glad like minded people exists afterall :).

  51. Clement Says:

    I absolutely think that he’s an COMPLETE A*hole. What a douche. Going to skip the channel when he’s showing from now on. I don’t know WTF was TLC thinking. He’s offensive and lacks respect for people.

  52. Jungyyu Says:

    I totally agree. I hate him so much so everytime i see him on tv i would change the channel immidiately, even if he was just in a 10-15 seconds commercial. I LOATHE HIM. And his greasy hair made it worst.

  53. aivy Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. This condescending bastard doesn’t deserve an airtime. Been watching his shows twice and I can’t stomach his cheeky ways. Trying to be hilarious huh? Worst attempt.

    • Michi Says:

      He has a new show – Detox – watched an episode that he had to put on a bath suit – has a pathetic looking body – flabby arms, paunch, limpy pecs and a tiny prick. His girl friend – Denise Keller another TV host is equally obnoxious – I heard she can only afford to travel economy but demands first class service – is rude and snooty.

  54. Michi Says:

    He is hosting a new show now – Detox.
    He has the ugliest body I have ever seen – a body of an unhealthy 70 yr old man – skinny flabby arms, flat chested, tummy, he looks like an emaniciated bald hairless pig. Not inspiring to man, woman boy or girl young or old –

  55. none Says:

    lol….this article and preceding comments are a priceless cure for biyatchhing PMS !!! yay !! Keep them rolling you all.

  56. kelvar Says:

    bobby chinn is an example of a narcissistic personality disorder

  57. creme_vanilla Says:

    I think he does say some insensitive things but he is quite entertaining nonetheless. Reading about his background and repertoire, he is quite a respectable chef who is well travelled and knowledgeable. He is also an advocate for charitable projects like helping victims of human trafficking and supporting sustainable foods. Not something many chefs tap into I think.

  58. Newbchinnfan Says:

    How sad to be such a hater. Bobby Chinn has such an easy rapport with the people he chats with (interviews), it seems like he knows and loves them, and vice versa. He makes me want to eat foods I normally dislike! I’m going to become a regular viewer of Globe Trekker, just so I can occasionally see Bobby!

    • Morebobchin Says:

      I seldom submit internet responses, because I HAVE A LIFE! But I looked him up because I enjoyed his show. For those who despise him, want to “cut off his balls”, and otherwise inflict violence upon him, WTF is wrong with you?????!!! Just the fact that you’d say those things, indicates the depth of your depravity and Annonymous, thus cowardly attempt to display superiority. Get help sicko’s!!! It’s just a cooking show. Don’t like it, don’t watch!

  59. Dorothy Miller Says:

    What an insufferable jerk of a food critic so full of herself. Her negativity about Bobby Chinn is so myopic she thinks the world must be judged through her narrow prisim. I enjoy Bobby Chinn simply for the unique person and culinary perspective he brings and enjoy his engaging personality.

  60. james ramdass Says:

    Bobby is actually an entertaining man I enjoy watching his show and have been for years, Would love to try his cooking, He is something different that is for sure who wants to watch the same old fancy pants proper talking celeb chef all the time that is boring, Keep doing your thing Bobby don’t worry about the haters

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