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Noelle’s 3rd birthday cake November 8, 2010

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Kids birthday parties are absolutely exhausting. Last Friday, when my daughter E’s party was winding down to a close, I actually slumped into my sofa and, with mouth slightly ajar, fell asleep when there were still two guests left in the house.

It wasn’t even a big party. All the food was ordered in, and I had my mum and aunt to help with the serving. What made it draining, I realise, was the pressure of wanting to throw a better party than last year’s; this inner competition where I wanted to out-Martha Martha. So I went about making 15 huge paper pom-poms, which took close to 5 hours, to hang all over the house. There was this lovely cascading cluster over the dining table, and a few other explosions at various corners of the house.

There was also a theme. Since E loves to play waitress, we got godma C to make her little menus listing the food to be served at the party, so she could go around asking the guests for their orders. We put on her the most waitressy outfit we could rustle up from her wardrobe, and made a waitress name tag to go with it too.

As for the cake, ahem, I do believe that I outdid the one last year. And I humbly give credit to Naomi of Hello Naomi and Louise of for the inspiration. It had a giant strawberry, a giant swirl of whipped cream, and giant sprinkles all made out of sugar. Some of the kids thought the cake was a toy. Success!

When the party was over and we were clearing up, I turned to my husband Z and asked, “How many more birthday parties are we gonna throw for her?” Because, I cannot imagine outdoing myself every year. Before you know it, I’ll be hiring the entire Cirque du Soleil, and making a cake with a cannon inside that will shoot fireworks into the night sky.

“For as long as she wants to spend her birthday with us, I s’pose,” Z replied. And sigh, he’s right. There are only so many years E will think it’s cool to have her parents sing Happy Birthday for her, before she starts shopping for barbecue gear so she and her friends can have overnight cookouts at a Changi chalet. Which means I have only a handful of years left to make her cakes, fuss over the food and devise costumes. So I’m still game. Next year, I will make 20 pom-poms.



20 Responses to “Noelle’s 3rd birthday cake”

  1. ms Says:

    that smile is so awwwwwwwwwwwwworthy!
    happy birthday, en en!

  2. Kat Says:

    aw mama cuteness… look how big En En is getting… and is she not the most gorgeous thing!!!!! the cake is absolutely fabulous!!!!! i love it.. just like those toy cakes you’d get in mini playsets… i think it rocks.. i would soooo want one for my birthday… you truly outdid your self Mama Crummb… you are a superstar.. and your super cute daughters are the most utterly adorable and perfect “cakes” you ever made.. get the shotgun out.. these gals are going to rule the world…

    Happy Birthday En En, may the year ahead be an amazing one, where your dreams come true, may God bless you and give you a long wonderful life… you lucky gal with your wonderful mother…

    with hugs and kisses

  3. Kat Says:

    and wonderful Father.. sorry Z.. you not an after thought… you also wonderful.. with all your super fabulous gals.. you are a lucky man…

    Kat (again)

    • crummb Says:

      hello kat! what you been up to lately? hope you’ve been well. thanks again for your votes of confidence. hugs!

      • Kat Says:

        Hey hey, aw you know me.. little this, little that… been rather busy.. thats why my comments have been a little scarce.. just glad i get email updates.. keeps me in touch you know… i’m like a spider on the wall of your blog… watching, waiting and jumping on innocent morsels of wonderful entries.. silently devouring them… (oh my that sounds dark) ha ha ha… i thought it was high time i got back into commenting.. after all, yours is the only blog i religiously follow…


  4. clare Says:

    How heart-meltingly adorable! (both the girl + the cake, that is.) Happy Birthday E., you’re such a big girl now! Your mummy just wrote a post that made hormonal, on-the-verge-of-popping ole me tear slightly.

    • crummb Says:

      auntie clare, mamma and i will visit you when you pop! can’t wait to see baby E! take care and don’t say no to epidural 😛

  5. Ah pei Says:

    This cake is just fantastic !

  6. Peifen Says:

    hello, i was searching for sponge cake recipe and i came across ur blog.
    i found it interesting and i would to try making it
    But is it possible to let me know where to get whipping cream? which brand is better? and when to use whipping cream or heavy whipping cream?

    thks! (:

  7. shumei Says:

    I feel very old now. my niece is already 3 and I can’t even remember when was the last time I saw her. ): Hope all is well with the family! send my love, hopefully I’ll see you sooner than CNY!

  8. jenny tan Says:

    i can imagine the family enterprise – you baking, en en taking orders from the customers and running the customer service counter, and Z …doing a multi million other things to contribute to the business 😛

  9. Joy Says:

    I love the mega strawberry atop the cake…the entire cake looks gorgeous! BTW, can I enquire where did you get that white stand from?

  10. vivian Says:

    *like* lovely cake, lovely birthday girl!

  11. Sooch Says:

    Ha I’m more than a month late in catching En’s birthday! She is becoming such a beautyyyyy!!!!!! You n Z are gonna have a hard time chasing away the boys next time. Better build a super big canon in her 18th birthday cake to blast away the ones you don’t like, hahahahaha.
    I love love love your cakes, they’re cute until can die. I thought her cake was a small cute thing until I came to that last pic!

  12. clarakan Says:

    I am SOOOO behind on my blog-reading, which is why: HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY, EN EN!!! You are so, so, so pretty now. And your mama loves you so much. Envy!

  13. Linda J Says:

    she is soooooooo cute and pretty.xx

  14. Linda J Says:

    the cake is cute and pretty too TPL. xxx;)

  15. WOW! very cute cake..I want to eat that all!haha

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  16. Yasmin Says:

    Too much beautiful and amazing. Lovely.

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