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Noelle’s mini bundt cake tower November 5, 2008


I’VE been stewing in this conundrum for months: What cake should I make for En En’s first birthday? It should be special enough to befit her very first birthday cake, yet not so spectacular that it couldn’t be topped. After all, since I’ll be insisting on making all her birthday cakes until I croak, there’d better be some room for improvement.

How about a two-tier fondant-covered pink cake with polka dots and flowers? Or a retro cake baked in the shape of numeral 1? Or an over-the-top strawberry shortcake – which is my favourite – since it’s as much a mother’s day as it is a baby’s day?

Then last week, I was surfing the net for cake ideas when I came across a mini bundt cake. Then I thought, why not make a lot, then pile them up into a tower? So I promptly went out to buy a mini bundt cake pan, which is made of silicone and cost a hefty $27.60 at Pantry Magic (it’s daylight robbery, but like I always say – Just gotta have it).


The cakes were basic brown sugar butter cakes drizzled over with mandarin orange icing (The oranges, which A’s father gave my husband Z as thanks for his services at C&A’s wedding, were just lying around, haha).

For an extra lashing of love, I broke out my brand new Nigella Lawson cakestand from its box and used it for the first time. Now En En will have no doubt that Mamma loves her.

The tower was easy to make and assemble. Not so easy was taking a photo with En En in it.

The idea was to get her to sit by the table so only her eyes can be seen peering at the cake.  But she insisted on standing, and grabbing the knife box nearby, and swinging it around like a bat, and aiming at the cake.

Therefore the look of slight terror on my face (I wasn’t supposed to be in the shot but husband/photogragher Z doesn’t always follow instructions).

Anyway, one year ago, I produced the best thing I’ve ever set my heart – and lost my waistline – to. Happy birthday, Mamma’s mini bundt cake!


8 Responses to “Noelle’s mini bundt cake tower”

  1. chris Says:

    Happy Birthday En En!!!!

    Oooh Nigella cakestand! Which is pear-shaped and curvy like its, er, brand identity.

  2. shanny Says:

    This is just too cute!!!!! *laughs* Happy Birthday Noelle! 😀

  3. Clare Says:

    Happy Birthday Noelle!! Wow she’s a big girl now 🙂

    Just awakening to conspicuous consumption in the kitchen department — and realising how conspicuous it can be. We bought a le creuset casserole pot, it was a got-to-have-it thing for alpha cook HM, and I never realised a mere pot could cost this much!

    Nigella has her own product range? Is it selling here?

  4. crummb Says:

    thanks you guys! 🙂

    yup nigella has a range of crockery, knives (including the Lunar, a crescent-shaped chopper which i think is absolutely useless) and such. i don’t think it’s selling here though. i bought the cakestand while in hongkong. as for the le creuset, welcome to the world of domestic extravagances! mine is an aqua KitchenAid.

  5. wordsmith Says:

    omigod! noelle has sprouted overnight! I still have the pix of her in my hp. time to send me an updated pix, babe. i remember my one year old birthday cake…it was super-retro, mickey-mouse pattern.

  6. Midori Says:

    Happy birthday, En En! You’re a very pretty girl! Best of your ma and pa combined.

  7. sooch Says:

    Ha, sooo cute! Happy birthday to the little one! I understand totally about them not cooperating just the way you’d like. I BEG my girl for kisses and she shakes her head ‘no’ all the time. Hai… I am shameless.

  8. joyce Says:

    Hi Crummb,
    love your site. can u tell me pls where to get the cake stand? i went to CK tangs and nothing looks like that…phoon huat also don’t have.
    oh btw, I bought an Alex Goh recipe thanks to your posting. he has phone number on the first page of the recipe so that readers can contact him regarding his recipe. how nice right?

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