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C&A’s flower applique wedding cake November 13, 2008

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WHEN bride-to-be Charmayne found this cake design on a bridal website and email-ed it to me, I shot back: “I WANNA MAKE THIS!!!!” It was so pretty and easy-to-make, it absolutely killed me that I hadn’t come up with the idea myself. All I needed was a flower-shaped cookie cutter and I’d be all set.


Charmayne said when she was walking down the aisle in the hotel ballroom and saw the cake out front, she thought it was so pretty she almost cried. (Okay, she probably said this only because I shamelessly asked her for some ego-massage. But still.) Anyway, all hail Michelle Doll Cakes in New York for creating the design. I am but a wannabe.



Chocolatey Awful May 18, 2008

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ONLY a beginner like me would have the courage (or is it the lunacy?) to make a chocolate ganache cake for an outdoor wedding.

All the pastry chefs I asked said the chocolate would melt into a cataclysmic mess. But I thought there’s nothing a little gelatin can’t fix. In fact, when L the bride said she wanted vertical stripes on the cake, I thought quite naively, why not.

The result was a hair-raising experience that saw me muttering desperate prayers all through the time I assembled this cake on-site.

The wedding party was held at a casual beach bar, and guests were already trickling in by the time I set up my gear to put together the cake.

The ganache was still chilled when I stacked the cakes together, so no problems there. But it started thawing – real fast – as I stuck on the pastillage stripes. There were more than 100 of them, to be attached perfectly straight, in the right order, with the same gap width. And there were people watching. Talk about performance anxiety.

And therefore you see now these uneven stripes and a particular one that is driving me crazy – the light blue one on the bottom-most tier. Somebody teach me Photoshop.