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Sugar Underload January 7, 2010

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This is what I made for Christmas:

Trifle with strawberries, peaches and an avalanche of mascarpone cream…

Creamy cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache and chopped Snickers…

Rice crispies bars with gooey peanut butter and chocolate ganache…

And finally, petite cheesecakes made with condensed milk on a crust of digestive biscuits.

Don’t ask me what was going through my head. But there I was, 9 months pregnant, and the night before Christmas, I was whipping up a tornado in my kitchen making all these things that I cannot eat.

I was definitely (over)compensating for the fact that I had gestational diabetes. Or I was trying to make my friends, whom the cakes were intended for on Christmas Day, really fat so I won’t be the only Michelin Man post-delivery.

Either way, I cannot say enough how much I’m looking forward to popping next weekend, when I can go back to eating like a normal pig again. I have already decided. The first thing I’m gonna plunge my teeth into, right there in the delivery suite when the doc is sewing me back up, is a bar of Snickers.


12 Responses to “Sugar Underload”

  1. mamalicious Says:

    Yum!Yum!…. They look yummy!:)Luv your presentation too… bet everyone enjoyed it.

  2. moki Says:

    can you post the cheesecake recipe?

  3. Jocelyn Says:

    wow wow wow! πŸ™‚ i wish i was one of your friends that you wanted to make fat. MAKE ME FAT(er) with your culinary desserts pleaseeee! πŸ˜›

    and congratulations and may your delivery be a great success, and hello to a baby you’ll be able to spoil with all your baking soon! πŸ™‚

  4. daphnechan00 Says:

    they look great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want I want!!

    When’s no.2 due??

  5. ah pei Says:

    wow wow ! you are popping next wkend already ! BEST OF LUCK !!! Haha..when i gave birth to my little girl 2 yrs ago, i craved for nonya kueh so i understand how you feel !!

  6. vivian Says:

    haha… were u allowed to ‘taste’ them? anyway, next Friday is near, so hooorah to back to normal diet!

    smooth delivery babe!

  7. fat friend Says:

    oh man they were so good, we didn’t mind the sugar overload..super yummy!!!

  8. Allie Says:

    Wow! Your sweets look amazing! You are so incredibly talented! I have been baking forever and my treats have never looked as good as yours!

  9. Kat Says:

    Hey there!!

    Every time i come and read a new post i feel the urge to bake something just as yummy.. all your christmas goodies look absolutely DELICIOUS!!! my mouth is watering just thinking about having a bite… must.. have.. resisting the urge to lick the screen of my pc… ha ha ha…
    Thanks hun for all the super posts.. you inspire me…
    oh before i go…i need your help.. its my father-in-laws birthday coming up.. and he wants pink lamingtons.. any good recipes??? i would have had you make.. if only you were closer… sigh.. one day i will taste your yummy stuff.. i must!!!
    i am also looking for the best possible chocolate cake recipe… a friend of mines baby gal has been begging me for one…

    ooo the baby must be here already!! how exciting!!!! WE WANT PICS!!!!

    with tons of love

  10. faithy Says:

    CONGRATS!! Your baby girl looks adorable! πŸ™‚

  11. coiligjowly Says:

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