When a food critic turns the poison pen on herself

Pear Tart March 4, 2009

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Something very disturbing is happening. The other day, I had nothing to blog about and mused aloud to my husband Z that I might stop blogging altogether.

He didn’t toss back his usual tart reply, which used to always sound something like, “Wow? Really? And I get back my wife?”.  Instead, his eyes were the size of saucers. A look of genuine alarm spread across his face as he gasped: “Har? Why?”

“Cos I’ve run out of things to say,” I said.

Then, with lips almost a-quivering, he launched into a list of reasons why I shouldn’t quit this blog, because he had spent $X buying the reflector, the flash, the zoom lens and whatever else to shoot my cakes.

“But you can use them for your other photography stuff what,” I retorted, unmoved.

Then he blurted out the REAL reason why I shouldn’t end this blog. “Because your blog is my blog!” he cried.

pear-tart-cu-lo1Oh really. Is that so?  No wonder he’s been so annoying lately. Every time he’s shot my cakes, he would sit in front of his computer for absolute ages, tweaking the resolution, the tone, the contrast and what-have-you (for example, this so-so-tasting pear tart, taken from Young Mo Kim’s A Fine Collection Of Baking). Then, when I am already half-way into dreamland in bed, he’d suddenly shout, “How about this?” And I would have to pry open my eyes, wrench myself out of bed and look at his photo.

“No difference to the other one what,” I’d say, bleary-eyed, and plonk myself back to bed.

Right when I’m just inches away from re-entering snooze-topia, he’d suddenly command again, “How about this?” And this could go on several times a night.

He doesn’t leave me alone in the day either. He would call me from work just to find out if my latest post received any comments — about his photos. On other days, he would announce quite brazenly that he intends to spend the afternoon checking out the competition in other food blogs. And by the time he’s through, “they’re toast”.

My husband, whom I married because he is one cool, laid-back, peace-loving dude, has suddenly turned into a competitive, pixel-picking monster. I started having terrifying visions that very soon, I’ll be hand-cuffed to my kitchen counter as he forces me to bake every day so that he’d have something to shoot and post on my blog.

The horror!

But this morning, as he drove me to work, he came up with a new reason why I shouldn’t stop this blog.

“Because it’s your hobby, it makes you happy, and it has given you new friends,” he said.

He’s probably just sayin’ it. But I’m sold 🙂


25 Responses to “Pear Tart”

  1. zann Says:

    “because your blog is my blog” cracked me up real good. the two of you are too cute lah.

    so so so. when can my twin and i come over and compete with your in-house photographer? can we play with his reflector and what not too please?

    oh and the pear tart looks divine. compliments to both the cook and the photog.

  2. crummb Says:

    you are welcome to my house any tahm, my lurve! what do you and twin wanna shoot? cake? tart? cupcake? you three can have a shoot-off! winner walks off with the cake and the honour of doing the zoolander blue-steel pout!

  3. Your husband is so funny! He does a fantastic job with the photos, as you do with the baking and writing.

    How was the pear tart anyway?

  4. Ratatouille Says:

    its not common for husband n wife to like to share a blog. do keep it up! btw, nice pics and cakes.

  5. Ah Pei Says:

    What ?!?! Stop blogging ??!! NOOOoooooOOooo !!
    You are on my “have to check my favourite food blogger’s blog EVERYDAY” list, don’t quit !

    As for your husband, he has done a good job in photographing your cakes for sure ! Haha..i always show my husband your blog so he can see how husbands are suppose to support their wives in baking ! Hahaha..
    Your blog is his portfolio !

  6. crummb Says:

    coffeesnob: the pear tart was just okaaay. i found the crust a bit dry and the almond filling not buttery enough. i was inspired to make this because i tasted Cedele’s pear tart which they rolled out specially for Chinese New Year. it was mind-blowing!!! sooo amazingly buttery and yummy. but they don’t sell it anymore. sad. this one is no comparison at all, that’s why i didn’t bother putting down the recipe 😦

    ratatouille: thanks very much! without this blog, we’d probably just end up… watching more tv! ugh… this is so much better 🙂

    ah pei: thanks ah pei! you are fast rivalling daphnee as my No. 1 fan!! ai si ni le!! keep visiting my blog every day, even if there are no updates. i like to see my stats hit the roof 🙂

  7. Cookie Says:

    A family who blogs together stay together. Tell Z to keep up his great works!

    ps: will i get to eat your cake soon? I add to your stats every week.

  8. crummb Says:

    cookie: haha! maybe one day i will invite all my new friends on this blog to eat at my place! a high-tea buffet! hhwwwah, i better polish up on my repertoire. but in the meantime, yes, any time you wanna eat, lemme know. 🙂

  9. daphnechan00 Says:

    orrh u think i am not reading?? I check everyday for updates! Oh yeah don’t think i don’t read other comments, I even read that bit about u saying Pei ‘fast rivaling daphne’ OH PULLLEEASEEE ! U go and ask your husband if i also went HAHH! when he told me you want to stop the blog ! I am still the no.1 fan!
    But it is a great blog so please please keep it going and share with us your wonderful creations and not forgetting your husband’s great food photos! Even if it means me being outdone by other crazy crummb fans ! I sacrifice! hahaha

  10. Nick Malgieri Says:

    hey, how come I never get invited for tea?

  11. FT Stalker Says:

    Still No Cake ……

  12. tellaure Says:

    haha. don’t you ever dare stop. your fen-si-s will all kill you. and the conversation between your husband and you is cute! haha. i literally lol-ed.

    this fan here doesn’t exactly check everyday, but is geekish enough to subscribe to your rss feed. haha.

    i’ve never tried one of those frangipane tarts before … -adds one more thing on my to try list-

    and, unfortunately, i don’t have a blog =\

  13. Faridah Says:

    No……no……no…….don’t you STOP!!!!! this is one blog that keeps me want to read more & more & more……
    do you mind opening a class on tart making – especially your coconut tart as well as the pear tart.

  14. Shirley Corriher Says:

    Yes please invite Nick and I for tea some time. I would like to pick up some photo tips from your husband before I publish my next book, as well as learn from you what Singaporean tastebuds are like so I can reduce the sugar in my recipes accordingly. I am sure Nick would love to demonstrate his caramel skills too!

    You must keep this blog going. How else am I going to see fantastic food shots and read about other people’s hilarious lives?

  15. Mamalicious Says:

    Dnt ever stop blogging!! you’ve been an inspiration…. I’m not a blogger, not a writer, and definitely not a baker. But 1 thing for sure, I lurve looking at recipe books … just to look at the fantastic pics. I came across your blog a few weeks ago while searching for a good bakery in singapore. And since then I’m hooked to reading ur hilarious updates and the beautiful photos.

  16. wordsmith Says:

    another reason why u should go on with ur blog: It perks up my day! Blogging – what a wonderful bonding hobby for a couple!

  17. happygrub Says:

    I totally agree with the above comments, its sweet that Z takes so much interest and even ownership of the blog! don’t ever think of not blogging,I know there are some times where there’s no inspiration take breaks. Your readers will always come back and no one seems to mind!

  18. crummb Says:

    W.O.W. i feel luuurved! thanks all for your kind words 🙂

    daphnee: my husband said your first reaction was “can just put photos what…” and i cannot describe how PLEASED he looked. hmph!!!

    nick and shirley: you two have caused me quite a bit of grief. yes, even you, shirley. whassup with that pastry cream recipe? came out stiff like agar agar!!! so if you two come to my house for tea, i would serve you a can of whoopass… COLD! (but chris, on the other hand, i would welcome with a big bear hug and extra whipped cream on top) 🙂

    FT Stalker: er… soon la. i always see you walking out to 6th avenue to take a cab. don’t be surprised one day when you suddenly look up and see a cake being thrown your way 🙂

    tellaure: you subscribe to ME?!!! oh you shouldn’t have. well, actually you really should. i’m vain enough to check how many people subscribe to me on bloglines and i have a grand total of SIX!!!!!! just a little more and i’m talking world domination, dudette.

    faridah: you like the coconut tarts?! 🙂 glad you did. i found them a bit too dry though. but if you want, i can email you the recipe! anything for me lovely supplier of couverture 🙂

    mamalicious: awww, welcome welcome to my blog! please visit often 🙂

    wordsmith: thank you babee! you’ve always been so supportive. hugs!

    happygrub: thank you thank you! i read your blog too 🙂

  19. Faridah Says:

    I just love coconut tart – the coconut filling was buttery & it has rich taste leh…….& just yes! the outer pastry is a little bit dry – just a bit & just a small problem which can be altered.

    I’ll be more than happy if you can email me & who knows more couverture rolling down your way ha…..ha…..

  20. happygrub Says:

    I am so flattered you read my little blog (erm with no decent recipes and baking of late if anyone has noticed) ! I mean you being a celeberity journalist and all 🙂

  21. crummb Says:

    faridah: i’ll get ivan to pass you the cookbook soon! 🙂

    happygrub: ME?!! a celeb? nawwwww!!! once upon a time i may have had my face in the papers but that was a looong time ago. i have retired (and am happier for it)! the only thing i miss are all the free food that used to get delivered straight to my desk. btw your blog has some really nice pictures 🙂

  22. FT Stalker Says:

    I drive nowadays. You have to aim hard to catch me nowadays!
    And where’s cake?

  23. Faridah Says:

    hey you…….that was fast, received the book from Z, copied about five recipes in there – thank you….thank you…..thank you..I’m very happy.

  24. crummb Says:

    you’re more than welcome! 🙂

  25. hanushi Says:

    Your hubby is v sweet and supportive… You are v lucky! 🙂

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