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The Perfect Blend May 23, 2008

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I’m one of those people who absolutely abhors coffee. Don’t tell me to take a sip and appreciate how woody, nutty or spicy it is. To me, it’s just bitter and leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

(I nearly decided not to buy several top-name baking cookbooks because they contained sections under “Coffee Cakes”. Took me a while to realise they’re just cakes made to go with tea or coffee. Duh.)

But I love this buttercream, which has coffee in it. Why? Because it comes in the form of a liqueur, butofcos! Anything with a bit of alcohol is always good, yes? I read somewhere that orange and coffee flavours go really well together. And the buttercream on this cupcake, which has orange zest and Kahlua, makes me feel like I’m eating a cocktail.

Bottoms up.


5 Responses to “The Perfect Blend”

  1. Peh Says:

    Your cakes look soooooooooo nice! How I wish I can have a slice now. My diet here in Chengdu has been biscuits, choco pies (pre-packed ones ah) and if I am lucky, cup noodles at night.

  2. crummb Says:

    Mr China Correspondent! I will make some for you when you come back. When are you coming back?

  3. Peh Says:

    Back in Spore tonite (I hope!) and back to work next week. I need a break so bad. Yeah, looking fwd to your cakes! :p Forgot to mention in earlier post that hubby’s pics are fantastic.

  4. Hoi Says:

    Hey, u been keeping these cocktail-ish cupcakes from your most deserving alchi fren??? C’mon. Be nice. Pant pant……

  5. Hi there, I really enjoy reading your blog.. firstly because you really can bake well and secondly for all the baking disaster posts – because it is nice to see even good cooks (or bakers) can make mistakes sometimes.. and so.. I don’t feel so bad when I have all those disasters in my kitchen! I really would like to try out this cupcake.. sounds yummy – anything with fruits and liqueur is good! Mind sharing it? Thanks much!

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