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The True Love Cupcake May 20, 2008

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IT WAS very clear to me that my husband Z (who, by the way, is the designated photographer of this blog) and I are meant to be the day I wanted this cupcake photographed.

Finally, I’d found a modelling fondant recipe that wouldn’t melt at room temperature, and was able to make roses and leaves out of it. The cupcake, consisting of chocolate almond cake topped with mousseline buttercream, was ready for its close-up.

Without my knowledge, Z went to Ikea over lunchtime and bought a table runner, little saucers in various colours and napkins to style the shoot, as well as various coloured lightbulbs, a light stand, huge boards and wax paper to set up a little home studio in our dining room. And, he took more than an hour of careful positioning of this and that before he got this shot.

“We’re so right for each other, darleeeng,” I said, eyelashes a-fluttering.

“Why?” he grunted.

“Because we pursue our hobbies together.”

“You mean because I pursue your hobby.”

And that’s why I married him. He is always so right.


7 Responses to “The True Love Cupcake”

  1. Ah Pei Says:

    Woo… very nice cupcake ! & many applause for your other supportive half ! i like your creations !

  2. crummb Says:

    Thanks! Please come back again 🙂

  3. Hoi Says:

    The couple that bakes and styles together……doesn’t get fat. Hooray to Z!

  4. dorothy Says:

    your stuff is so pretty and so yummy too (was lucky (greedy?) enough to devour 4 cupcakes at the recent swirl swop). am so ordering from you next time i have an event.

  5. crummb Says:

    heylo, thanks! i’m not taking a lot of orders at the moment (just started going back to work, groan) so do tell me in advance so i can plan 🙂
    btw how is your baby? when was she born? mine was nov 5!

  6. dorothy Says:

    my daughter was born on nov 14th – the bubs are just slightly over a week apart 🙂

  7. crummb Says:

    I saw her photo on the Swirl blog. she is SUPER cute!! 🙂

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